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The complete bank card line monitor / protocol analyzer

Native View
TranScan Screen: Native view of ISO 8583 data

Take the byte
out of
bit maps...

Format View
TranScan Screen: Field formatted view of same ISO 8583 data

with our
ISO 8583
field formatted

TranScan/8583 transforms your PC into a powerful productivity tool for both software developement and production troubleshooting. TranScan/8583 understands the ISO 8583 bit map message format.

  • Display formats distinguish between message data and communications protocol, consecutively numbering messages for easy recall and reference.
  • All ISO 8583 fields are clearly displayed and labeled.
  • All ISO 8583 format errors are flagged and accompanied by an optional audio alarm.

TranScan/8583 supports a variety of ISO 8583 Dialects. (And we're always looking for more.) You can change dialects with one keystroke.

  • ACI
  • AMEX
  • AS2805
  • Deluxe
  • EBMS
  • Eurocard
  • Hypercom
  • JCB
  • MasterCard
  • Plus
  • Shazam
  • Visa
  • Your dialect - contact us! For us - it's only a table change. For you - it's a quantum leap in productivity.

TranScan/8583 users may select from a range of message views for real time display, captured data display or print.

  • Message Routing and Type provides a one line summary for each message.
  • Message Overview displays selected fields while reducing message screen wrap.
  • Complete Message displays all the ISO 8583 data fields as well as the message bit map.
  • Hex Message Data provides an uninterpreted hexidecimal view of the complete ISO 8583 message.
  • Native Monitor View displays byte-for-byte all the data and protocol. For other line monitors and protocol analyzers, this is the only view provided.

The TranScan/8583 PC-based architecture allows our system to grow along with your requirements.

  • Our Table driven design facilitates easy adaptation to ISO 8583 changes and enhancements.
  • Data you capture while monitoring a communications line is kept in DOS format, allowing easy access by user applications and data portability. Captured files can contain up to 16M of data.
  • Captured data can be printed on standard PC printers.
  • Functional enhancements and new features are only a software release away. Other protocol analyzers change only when their hardware or firmware changes.

TranScan/8583 provides other advanced line monitor / protocol analyzer functions.

  • Auto line setup determines line speed, code set and protocol.
  • Data trap and timing identify patterns, conditions and their frequency.
  • Bit and block error rate testing support network node tests.(BERT and BLERT)
  • Code sets supported include HEX, BAUDOT, EBCDIC, ASCII, and IPARS.
  • Protocols supported for line monitoring include ASYNC, ASYNC BLOCK, SYNC, SDLC, and HDLC at speeds up to 72Kbps.
  • Plug-in line interface modules include RS-232-C and V.35.
  • SNA 7-layer monitoring and decoding support all FID types while displaying decoded SNA bits, fields and addresses using the standard IBM mnemonics.
  • You can write DTE and DCE emulation programs and test drives with the Data Solve language.

TranScan provides an invaluable tool for:

  • Developers:   The TranScan is a powerful productivity tool for programmers during the developement and testing of program code which produces and processes incoming and outgoing ISO credit and debit messages. All ISO fields are clearly labeled and all ISO format errors are flagged. One keystroke switches between ISO dialects such as MasterCard, VISA, Interlink and ACI BASE 24. The TranScan provides ongoing value during the program maintenance and regression testing.
  • Quality assurance and network certification staff:   Validating incoming and outgoing transactions in newly installed systems becomes easy. Printed output from the TranScan can document both successful completion and trouble reports.
  • Network Technicians:   Network support staff can see immediately what type of data is flowing on communication lines, can identify all of the transaction fields present and so can provide more intelligent input to the problem recognition and troublshooting process. Even physical circuit problems are identified more readily. Noisy circuits will produce ISO message with format errors which TranScan will detect and flag (both visually and with an optional audio "beep"). While in ISO display mode, TranScan also recognizes and flags unusual communications protocol such as NAKs.

PC Minimum Requirements: