Ontrac Test Tool

1998-2010 Ontrac Consulting, Inc.

Payment System Simulator and Test Tool

The Ontrac Test Tool is the Test Tool for Credit and Debit payment system testing. It simulates the message flows and interfaces with payment systems, front end systems, POS/ATM devices and bank host systems. Multiple concurrent users can independently script, execute and analyze the results of test sessions.


  • One Ontrac Test Tool (OnTT) simulates a variety of bank and payment systems interfaces.
  • Multi-user interface supports concurrent testing of different interfaces.
  • Telnet or SSH access provides single screen control and view of multiple tests.
  • OnTT scripts are independent of the communications protocols supported.
  • OnTT scripts are created once, then easily migrated between payment systems and / or formats.
  • No longer need to train staff on multiple test tools.
  • No longer need to maintain multiple PC’s for multiple test tools.
  • Multiple users can view the progress of a test session.
  • Supervisory staff can view the progress of all test sessions.


  • User interface for creating and maintaining test elements of messages, threads, tests and sessions
  • Field variable files for customizing tests
  • Expected messages establish the matching criteria applied to a received message
  • Flexibility in specifying degree of verification
  • Message field values
    • Hard coded field values
    • Payment systems Functions
    • Field variables for prototyping values
  • Payment systems Functions
    • Date generation
    • Unique message key generation
    • PIN encryption, decryption and validation
    • Expiration date checking
    • Dynamic key exchange
  • Identification of fields by message type as required, optional or normally not allowed
  • Override normal rules to include or exclude any field in any message
  • Scripting sequential message streams as threads
  • Thread repeat or loop
  • User specified delay within thread prior to message send
  • User specified message wait or timeout values
  • Multi-threaded tests with concurrent and independent data streams
  • Test Sessions for grouping tests
  • User settable virtual date for future date and rollover testing
  • Payment systems key exchange strategies
  • Global specification and local override of master and working keys
  • Extensive logging for user analysis
    • All messages sent, expected, received as matched and received as unmatched
    • Labeled fields and values
    • First unmatched field of an unmatched message
    • Badly formed received messages and their fields in error


  • Linux application.
  • ANSI PIN block DES encryption.
  • Table driven parse / build architecture enables easy addition of new payment systems formats and interfaces.
  • Supports ISO 8583 bit mapped formats, Fixed Field formats as well as Field Separator formats
  • Give us your spec – we’ll build you a Test Tool.


  • MasterCard ISO 8583
  • Visa ISO 8583
  • JCB ISO 8583
  • SHAZAM ISO 8583
  • Deluxe ISO 8583
  • AMEX ISO 8583
  • ACI Base 24 ISO 8583
  • Diebold ATM
  • Hypercom ISO 8583
  • Europay
  • others


  • TCP/IP


  • Pentium Processor
  • SVGA Monitor
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 4G Hard Drive
  • Network adapter
  • LAN-connected Windows systems with PuTTY (optional)
  • Optional TranScan ISO 8583 Data Scope and Protocol Analyzer