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TranScan Viewer Only

  • TranScan Viewer Maintenance Agreement.
  • PC Installation instructions
  • TranScan Viewer User's Guide (pdf)
  • TranScan/LAN

  • TranScan/LAN Mainentance Agreement
  • PC Installation instructions
  • TranScan/LAN User's Guide (pdf)
  • TranScan Response Time Reporter generates a file which can be imported in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet:

  • How to install TranScan Response Time Reporter Template
  • The Response Time Reporter Manual (pdf 647k)
  • The Response Time Reporter example spreadsheet with graph(v2)
  • The Response Time Reporter example spreadsheet(v2a)
  • Sample Report (pdf 19k)
  • FTS Ethertest 

  • PC Installation instructions
  • FTS Ethertest documentation (pdf)
  • TranScan Tables

  • Installation instructions for tables for TranScan/LAN and TranScan Viewer
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